Aug 272012

The Spice of Life

I am caught in a web of cultures. This is not a scary thing. I welcome it with an open heart and a very big appetite. I have one foot in America and another in…Continue Reading

Aug 252012

Mediterranean Surprise

”You are my star.””What are you talking about?” I asked, smiling at the man I have decided to spend the rest of my life with.Our wedding is five months away. It will be a traditional…Continue Reading

Nov 272011

Happy 50th birthday, mami!

Something I wrote on my mother’s birthday, November 27:My mother was obsessed with Princess Diana. I was only 17 years old when a fatal car crash in a Paris tunnel ended Lady D’s life. That…Continue Reading

Oct 022011

Raising my glass

The little boy who once chased me around our backyard has turned into a man. My youngest brother is now a husband. Someday he will become a father.  Today I raise my glass to Jesus…Continue Reading

Sep 202011

Seeing the light

Pain was an old friend I got used to carrying. Somehow, it always made its way into every suitcase I packed. Like a ghost, it was my silent travel companion. In India, it accompanied me to every temple…Continue Reading

Jul 032011

Spicy Rose Tip of the Day

Next time you enjoy papaya think twice about tossing its seeds! Papaya seeds, glistening black pearls encased in the center of the fruit, can be used to tenderize meats. This is all the work of…Continue Reading