Aug 272012

The Spice of Life

I am caught in a web of cultures. This is not a scary thing. I welcome it with an open heart and a very big appetite. I have one foot in America and another in…Continue Reading

Aug 252012

Mediterranean Surprise

”You are my star.””What are you talking about?” I asked, smiling at the man I have decided to spend the rest of my life with.Our wedding is five months away. It will be a traditional…Continue Reading

Nov 272011

Happy 50th birthday, mami!

Something I wrote on my mother’s birthday, November 27:My mother was obsessed with Princess Diana. I was only 17 years old when a fatal car crash in a Paris tunnel ended Lady D’s life. That…Continue Reading

Oct 022011

Raising my glass

The little boy who once chased me around our backyard has turned into a man. My youngest brother is now a husband. Someday he will become a father.  Today I raise my glass to Jesus…Continue Reading

Sep 202011

Seeing the light

Pain was an old friend I got used to carrying. Somehow, it always made its way into every suitcase I packed. Like a ghost, it was my silent travel companion. In India, it accompanied me to every temple…Continue Reading

Jun 182011

If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away

As I was folding my laundry this morning, with the radio in the background, this beautiful country song played. It reminded me of my mom and others we’ve lost along the way. I hope you…Continue Reading