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A toddler doing chores? Absolutely! This really wasn’t my idea. To tell you the truth it was my daughter’s. Yup, at just 18 months she started puttering around the kitchen looking for something to do.

The ”something to do” turned into imitating everything mommy did. She would use a kitchen towel to wipe the cabinets, “sort” through the Tupperware drawer and play with the silverware in the dishwasher (no worries, I don’t keep knives in there!).

As adults we consider these things chores. Plain ordinary chores. But kids see it as an opportunity to have fun, to play, to learn. Thus, I took a cue from my Little B and began engaging with her in the kitchen.

Right now, my Little B is just three months shy of turning two. Here are a list of ”chores” she enjoys doing:

Putting away the silverware
Our dishwasher is very close to where we keep the cutlery. Little B opens the cabinet drawers and places the spoons and forks inside one by one. She can barely see what’s in the drawer so she rarely puts them in the right spot. However, I don’t mind the mess at all. It’s just so adorable and I know one day when she’s bigger she’ll get it right. I also hand her Tupperware lids and she enjoys putting those away, as well.

Putting away the groceries
Since Little B loves sorting this is a task she really enjoys. She gets a real kick out of taking things out of the grocery bags and putting them in their designated spot. We allow her to handle fruits, vegetables and anything that comes in small packages. The best part? She knows exactly where everything goes because we keep our produce displayed in baskets.

Wiping spills
We are still in potty training mode and every time Little B has an ”accident” she is expected to wipe it. Of course, mommy helps her but the idea is that she learns to pick up after herself. She enjoys this so much that she sometimes purposely throws water on the floor just so she can wipe it.

Sweeping the floor
When she was a newborn we noticed Little B loved the broom. It would literally give her the giggles. Thus, it didn’t surprise us when she began picking up the broom. We had to get her her own broom and she follows me around when I sweep. However, her idea of sweeping means standing in my way and spreading the debris around. Sigh. However, she is a great helper with the dustpan and opens the cabinet door for mommy when I need to throw it in the garbage.

Putting trash in the garbage
When Little B started to get curious about the trash can under the kitchen sink I decided to educate her on the topic. Every time I needed to throw something out I’d say “garbage” or “this goes in the garbage.” She quickly picked up on the fact that the garbage is for discarded items. Now, when something needs to be thrown out she goes right to the cabinet, opens it and tosses the item in the trash can. Or I give her an item and say garbage and the proceeds to dispose of it. This practice has extended to other waste baskets in the house and outside of the home.

Toy Clean Up
Every evening before bedtime we sing the clean up song so Little B can clean up the toys in the living room (which is currently her biggest play area). She enjoys cleaning while singing and the fact that we all pitch in as a family to get the home straightened out. This is a vital part of our bedtime routine and makes me feel proud as a mom when I see her putting away her toys.

Here is how I get my baby to eat vegetables.

Does your toddler help you with chores? Or do you wish they did? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments below and share your stores. God bless! xo

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