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5 Fun Ways to Reuse Baby Food Jars

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I have a confession:

I’m totally addicted to collecting empty jars of baby food. There’s just something about their tiny size that makes them ideal for many uses around the house.

I really get a thrill of finding a new uses for them because I hate to waste anything, especially if it is food related.

Here are some of my favorite ways to reuse jars of baby food:

Baby’s First Cup

My 14-month old daughter loves drinking out of her ‘baby cup.’ The cup, aka a 4 oz. jar of baby food, is the perfect size for her tiny hands. It is also clear and allows her to see the liquid. She holds it with both hands and I always supervise her while she drinks.

Spice Storage

Baby food jars are the perfect size to store small amounts of freshly ground spices. Ground coriander seeds and black pepper are among my favorites.

Earring Holder

Baby food jars are a great way to store jewelry such as small earrings, rings or necklaces. You could decorate the lid for a colorful touch.

Fun Crafts

An inverted baby food jar makes a killer snow globe, according to Pinterest. You could also use it to store candy for special event like baby showers.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

There are so many great uses that this category covers. You can store countless things in baby food jars including: spare buttons, nuts and bolts, seeds, finger paints, paper clips, etc.

Do you have a fun use for baby food jars? I’d like to hear all about it!

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