Mar 082011

Someone pinch me. Am I really here? Did I just arrive in Italy and make my dreams come true?

I stepped foot in the Universitá di Scienze Gastronomiche today and my heart wanted to burst with joy. Every step I took inside the old palazzo that now houses the school seemed to lead to a dream.

A beautiful smiling face greeted me. “Are you Rose?” It was Hanna, the registar’s secretary who has helped me on my way since last October when I found out I was admitted to the school.

Everything in Italy is slower, things seem to move at a snail’s pace. Eating, drinking or anything involved with food requires time to savour it.

Upon arriving at Torino airport my friend Silvia and I ordered a panino “to go.” Blasphemy! There’s no such thing as eating on the road.

As Jerry from the panini stall explained, “Food is to be enjoyed in Italy. It’s a gift, an opportunity to stop and enjoy life. Why not take 5 mintues to enjoy your coffee?”

The guilt picked at me a little but I had to wrap up the conversation, grab my sandwich and hit the road. I was already late to get to Bra. I figure it’s only my first day in Italy. I’ll learn as I go…

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