Mar 312011

Mint and Tomatoes

My father, the inspiration behind this story A moving piece I wrote for my Sustainable Gastronomy class: When I was 7-years old the fence of our backyard was covered in mint. The mint bushes grew…Continue Reading

Mar 292011

Great news!

                                                                 Photo: Hispanic Kitchen Hispanic Kitchen, a hispanic food networking site, picked up one of my stories! I’m thrilled! Read on: Here’s the original:

Mar 222011

Sipping Chai in Piemonte

Tonight chai warms my heart and soul. As I press the warm mug to my chest, I inhale the spices that seem to dance in perfect harmony with each other. Just like a stone laying…Continue Reading

Mar 082011

Bella Italia!

Someone pinch me. Am I really here? Did I just arrive in Italy and make my dreams come true? I stepped foot in the Universit√° di Scienze Gastronomiche today and my heart wanted to burst with…Continue Reading