Dec 182010
New Orleans is one of those cities that stay with you long after you are gone. On any random day you will be sipping your morning coffee when out of nowhere you’ll think: “Wow, I wish I had some beignets to go with this.”
Your mind will drift to the French Quarter and its cozy streets. You’ll remember the coffee with chicory you had at Café du Monde or at Café Beignet. Your mouth will water at the thought of pressing your lips against a warm sweet beignet.
During a hectic work day you will wish you could stop at Acme Oyster House for a shrimp po’boy or cap the evening off with an original Hurricane at Lafitte’s, the oldest bar in the United States.
Oh…and did I mention the eternal craving for gumbo and jambalaya you are guaranteed to have once you leave?
Let me tell you, the Big Easy will make even a finicky eater a lover of Cajun and Creole food. The variety and creativity of the chefs in that city will keep your mouth watering.
We had the most amazing brunch at Mr. B’s Bistro on Royal Street. Whether it was shrimp and grits or the eggs Benedict with shredded pork and gravy, every dish was a knock out. The shrimp gumbo was spectacular. The best part is they serve you an abundance of warm crusty French bread so you can sop up every last bit of the delicious sauce on your plate.
New Orleans is a city of great music and fun so you can walk off the calories of your culinary indulgences. Take a stroll along the Mississippi River or explore the architecture and groovy shops in the French Quarter. Visiting the French Market is a must. There you will find an assortment cool souvenirs and, most importantly, really good food.
Every food lover deserves to enjoy this majestic city at least once in their lives. Don’t miss any opportunity to visit! When you finally make to the Big Easy try every dish you can. Eat everything! Trust me, you’ll be craving all that food once you are back home.
All this writing is making me hungry now. I think I’m going to make some beignets…

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